Clicking "Start" below will begin the timer. You will have five minutes to answer as many questions as possible. Good luck!

  • You can use the Enter key to submit your answer, and also to go to the next question.
  • Incorrect answers will deduct from your score.
  • Unanswered questions are treated as incorrect, including the very last question when you run out of time.
  • If you have just answered a question and only have a short amount of time left, you are better off not going to the next question.
  • Leaving the game page will not stop the timer. When you return to the game your score will remain and your time will have continued to elapse.
  • If you wish to start over, simply choose "The Subnet Game!" option from the main menu and select "Start New Game".
  • After the game is over, if you have achieved a high score, you will be given the opportunity to add your name to the Leader Board!
  • Please do not use the Back and Forward buttons with your browser while playing the game. Doing so might trigger false incorrect answers.
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